Helping you to grow makes us grow as well

Learn all you need to know for successful participation in a casting.
This option is mainly meant for actors and models but also for everybody else who is interested in starting and understanding the processes of this kind of profession.


Perfect audition techniques, develop script analysis-skills and improve your self-esteem by offering ours students a wide range of theoretical tools and, above all, practical training to stimulate your career.

We think it is important that you are prepared to attend castings with the feeling of understanding towards the director and to understand that they are your best ally.


Theory Classes:
Learn detailed information about the clients´ and the casting director´s requirements.

Practical Classes:

Discover your strongest assets
Develop your personal tools to overcome any camera shyness
Work on the language of gestures and expressions trough the camera

Learn to deliver texts in a convincing way
Open pathways to the arts of improvisation.


With all these tools we are sure that you will have a very interesting time, enjoying the continuous learning and achieving more self-confidence at the same time.


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