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Gente con Ángel casting management

At Gente con Ángel we are aware of the importance of our role. Selecting just the right actor or model always guarantees success.

Our Casting Director, Núria Rodríguez, member of the Col·legi Professional de l'Audiovisual de Catalunya (CPAC, member no. 396) and co-founder of the “Asociación Directores de Casting” (Casting Directors Association)  leads this proposal and offers a professional, competent and creative casting service.

Our service covers everything from the documentation to the final selection, putting special emphasis on interpretation and enhancing each individual profile at the same time. Núria's long-term experience in theatre and the audiovisual sector have provided her with the necessary knowledge to get the best out of the professionals she works with.

Gente con Ángel offers varios different services both in-studio and outdoors. These include agency castings, so called “scoutings” or “street castings” and special castings. A tailor-made service which combines the use of new technologies and fast feedback to our clients.

Gente con Ángel establishes a close customer relationship firmly based on communication to be able to adjust our proposals to the needs of each project and to optimize the outcome.

We rely on

Our experience and proficiency with an emphasis on communication with our clients.

Casting Calls

We contact all the necessary agencies to find the desired profile for you.

We extend the search for the most unique profiles within to their own environment.

Team Work

We deliver a relationship of three parts: Casting, agencies and producer, with the goal of finding the essence of the character we are looking for.


We are a small team with great ideas!
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